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If you look under this sentence you can see a really good photo of me.


Welcome to my website where I blog about things im intrested in but first I want to introduce myself. Im Stayner... Caden Stayner haha or you can just call me C-STAYN which is what everyone calls me, actually you can just call me whatever you want like loser, Butthat, Poopface, etc. Anyways I was born in June 1998 in the area of Laguna Hills California and my dad gave birth to me and thats when I saw the world. I got into computer making things around 4 months ago because thats the class I was given but when I found out I can make a website with my fellow classmates I knew it was time to share my life and hobbies. Hey guys this is C-STAYN the creator of this website if you couldn't tell. Let me start off by telling you some things you probably don't know. The first thing is I am really one with the nature, my favorite thing to is go walking and look at all the trees that the world has to offer. I am an expert with love so if you have any questions for me about how to get girls visit the love section of the website. My favorite hobby is to watch movies and look at art and review them as I see new things so if youre into art and want to see what I have to say then visit the Movies and Art section of this cool website. definition